Finally I’d give you spoilers but I’d ruin the fun.

One day i was shopping at Barnes and Noble when I saw this book about a teenage girl spy who though I was a little older than at the time i felt like i could be her.So i brought this book the first in the series of I’d tell you I love you but i would have to kill you By Ally Carter and i have to tell you that i adored this book.I loved it!!It was funny and kind of sad how she was a bit of the best of the best but she still wanted to be normal.Over the years I have read the other books in the series and just recently I finished the series with the book United we spy.The ending was brilliant and left me smiling.

Honestly I’m going to break this down in a couple different ways ready?Ok?

Plot-Amazing i was constantly finishing the books in one sitting and these books are a great length.The cliffhanger were never too bad and honestly its a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat in a good way.Action-packed and even when its not it captures your attention.

Characters-The characters were amazing and each had its purpose throughout the whole book.Everyone and I mean everyone was there for a reason.They all had strengths and weakness that changed and grew with each person.

Romance- I loved the romances in this book though there weren’t many it was enough that it made you smile.Not everyone paired up with someone but mostly everyone did have a special someone and we usually got to read how each person found there special someone.The romance fortunately didn’t overwhelm the books.This was such a wonderful read.Also the romance was a solid PG maybe even a PG-13 at the most.(kissing).

Would I recommend?

Yes,for sure these books were fun reads that i enjoyed so much.newest ally carter




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